Praise for student authors

The Mercury newspaper’s special project for the National Year of Reading has reached its conclusion…


Lian Tanner

Lian Tanner

TASMANIAN students who carried on the Mercury’s never-ending story throughout the National Year of Reading have been congratulated by author Lian Tanner.
“I’ve been so impressed at the way this story has gone, over so many months,” Tanner said after reading the final chapter of the Lovesong of the Crow.
Tanner wrote the introductory chapter and gave the story its title and then set it free for students to continue on a weekly basis throughout the year.
“When I wrote the first chapter, I had my own ideas about what might happen,” she said. “None of them turned out to be true instead, the story careered into far more exciting territory.
“I loved the way the different writers used the title to such good effect. I loved the introduction of Rourke and the shape changers, and Andre.”
Tanner said it had been wonderful how something quite small and seemingly insignificant from a previous chapter would suddenly turn
out to be extremely important.
“As for the ending I feel as if I’ve been holding my breath for the last few weeks, waiting to see how things would turn out.
“Now at last I know! Congratulations to everyone involved it has been
wildly successful and a terrific read.”
Enthusiastic students and supportive teachers around Tasmania ensured the project’s success.
“This was a great project for the Mercury to organise in recognition of the 2012 being the National Year of Reading,” said New Town High School English curriculum leader Daniel Howard.
“It has given so many students from English classes across the state the opportunity to complete an authentic writing task and have their
writing published for a real audience to read and appreciate.”
* The Lovesong of the Crow will be available as an e-book downloadable from 


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